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How to Become a Confident Public Speaker in less than one hour a week

It doesn't take huge amounts of money or lots of time. If you invest just an hour or so per week you'll be amazed at what Toastmasters can do for your confidence.

You don't have to be prisoner to your fears.

One meeting per fortnight and occasionally some preparation time. How hard can that be?David P

Let's face it. In today's world you really need good communication skills. You can't get these by just reading a book. But among friends in the fun atmosphere of a Toastmaster's meeting, you can learn and practise these skills.

You don't need to take big chunks out of your day or spend a whole evening to attend Northrise Toastmasters. Your normal day is free when you leave a Northrise meeting at 8:20am.

In just one hour and twenty minutes from 7:00am, you will have had a great learning experience and a fun breakfast.

You will have been among like-minded people, all looking to achieve just what you want - added self confidence and improved speaking skills.

And if you want it, you can even have a video tape of your best efforts - excellent feedback and a great record of your personal growth.

In today's fast moving world, you often get only one chance to make your point.

Will you get it right?

Presentation skills can be learnt - and you can do it.

Talk is cheap. Only if you do it right