Northrise Toastmasters Club 1988/112

Meetings: alternate Thursdays 6:45 am

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Brief Summary of Executive Roles

This description is brief and far from exhaustive. A detailed description of these roles is included in the various Manuals and information packs supplied by World Headquarters in July, the commencement of the Toastmaster year. See this club's current line-up of executives. See also a Powerpoint presentation summarizing the roles.


Head Honcho. Responsible for the successful functioning of the club and for the ultimate success of each meeting. The club exists for the benefit and growth of its members and responsibility for this rests with the President.

The role in detail

Vice President Education

Responsible for the educational attainments of each member, member progress, assigning mentors for new members and organising club competitions and workshops. The role in detail

Roster Officer

Responsible for planning meetings and distributing meeting role rosters by email and on the club website.

Vice President Membership

Responsible for growing club membership. The role in detail

Vice President Public Relations

Responsible for raising the club public profile and fostering club membership supporting the Vice President Membership. Detail. Northrise often combines this role with that of Vice President Membership.


Maintains club accounting records and all financial transactions including registering new members at WHQ.