Northrise Toastmasters Club 1988/112

Meetings: alternate Thursdays 6:45 am

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Head Honcho. Responsible for the successful functioning of the club and for the ultimate success of each meeting. The club exists for the benefit and growth of its members and responsibility for this rests with the President.

Responsible for:-

  • Presiding over club and executive meetings

  • Convening executive meetings

  • Overseeing the smooth running and administration of the club including publishing a year planner of club activity.

  • Promoting Toastmasters externally

  • Ensuring the club has an ongoing membership program and that the membership total remains healthy, generally better than the preceding year.

  • Maintaining relationships with District and Toastmasters International

  • Recruiting club executive replacements.

  • Overseeing club meetings ensuring all aspects operate correctly and smoothly, assisting members carry out roles as needed.

  • Ensuring all executive functions are performed correctly and evaluating each executive's performance, giving encouragement and feedback as appropriate.