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Vice President Education

Responsible for the educational attainments of each member and member progress. Also responsible for inviting guest officials such as external Judges, test speakers, occasional external General Evaluators and the like. Stands in for President as and when needed. Stays in touch with members on a very regular basis, encouraging them in new roles and speech assignments is an important part of this role - no member can grow if they are absent or unmotivated for any appreciable length of time.


  • Approach new members about the mentoring program. Information about mentoring is included in their New Membership Pack, but may go unread. If interested, ask if they have a preference for male/female, or even a specific person in mind.

  • Once a mentor has been selected, email both the mentor and mentee confirming that this is in place. The mentor should get in touch with the mentee to discuss how they would like this to work.

  • Toastmasters' achievements, including manual completions are recorded on the World HQ website. Members should approach you to ask that this information is updated. They may need some encouragement so take note in a meeting or roster and remind them of the process, particularly when speech number 10 of the competent communications manual has been completed.

    Notes on Mentoring & Detailed Review (both PDF)


  • VP Education is responsible for organising club competitions and the preceding workshops. The role is supported by the VP Competitions who will assume most of the load to ensure the competitions are completed in an orderly and timely manner in time for the relevant Area Contests. Workshops also need to be planned prior to the competition to explain the competition and encourage competitors.

  • Organise four judges for the competitions. This can include an external judge, although this is not mandatory. The simplest way to find external judges is to arrange a swap with other clubs. To do this, contact the VP Ed at other clubs.

  • A gift is usually purchased for any visiting judge. Typically this is chocolates or a bottle of wine.

  • Have the certificates, judging forms and tally sheets ready for the competition. These are available from this website. Work with the Contest Chair in making sure the competition resources are prepared and the Contest Chair is familiar with what they need to do.

New Manuals

Members should also approach you when they require a new manual. A copy of all manuals is held by the VP Ed. and the VP Ed is responsible for looking after this resource.

The Competent Communicator Manual is normally included with a spare New Member Kit kept on had so that new members can be given one when they are inducted into the club. These will be replaced by District Supply when they are advised by World HQ that the relevant application has been processed.

The first advanced manual is free once the Competent Communicator Manual is completed.


The Vice President Education is responsible for planning meetings (including Competitions) and rostering speeches, workshops, etc. The year ahead should be planned to include workshops and educational material and competitions at appropriate dates. Workshops and educationals should cover such subjects as evaluation, speech preparation and delivery, listening skills, impromptu speaking and topics from the Better Speaker Series.

NOTE - from time to time the club will appoint a Roster Officer to assist the Vice President Education by assuming responsibility for the rostering of meeting roles.

Pivotal organisational role preparing and distributing the Meeting Roster. Rosters are prepared covering the next three meetings and revised after every couple of meetings to allow for new members and apologies for non-attendance. Rosters are distributed by email in PDF format and are available on this page.

Care is taken when rostering to allocate meeting duies as appropriate to each member's experience. New members will be rostered initially to roles such as Hospitality, Time Keeping and Grammarian. Usually Speech Evaluators and Two Min.Toastmaster will have completed four manual assignments and General Evaluators will have achieved at least their Competent Communicator qualification.

New members are not rostered for duties until their membership is processed by the Treasurer and they have been included in the club's online Member Directory.

The Vice President Education also maintains educational / speech achievement records. This is a spreadsheet which records every speech and meeting duty performed by individual members. A summary of these records is published in the Member Only area of this site.