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Role Objective

Successfully present a Pathways or competition speech to the meeting building on what you have learned from previous assignments.

Description of Role

Prepare a speech as described in your Pathways assignment and present this to the meeting. Act on that part of the evaluation you receive that you consider to be constructively useful to your growth.


Observe Pathways recommendations and speech objectives as to research etc.


As per Pathways objectives.


Read the evaluations from your previous assignments. Be sure to heed any constructive advice that you have received.

Write a speech working from the objectives to your end product rather than from an idea contorted to minimally fit your Pathways objectives. Write the speech as far in front of the delivery date as possible. This gives time for revision, as what you first write may well not sound too great a few days or weeks later. Last minute compositions often show.

Never give a non-Pathways speech except at contests or if asked to do an impromptu speech. It makes hard for evaluators not having objectives and it doesn't give the audience any real idea as to what you are trying to achieve. It merely demonstrates disregard for the TI program and that you can't be bothered delivering a Pathways assignment.

Rehearse, practice, drill and rehearse.

Use the fear management techniques on this web site if this an issue for you.

Brief your evaluator on areas that you feel may need attention.

Make your assignment objectives and evaluation form available to your evaluator either by email, in printed form or via Zoom.

Deliver the speech at the apponted time.

Key points

Practise does not make perfect; Perfect Practise makes perfect. Study the manual carefully.

Check List

Most manual assignments have an evaluation check list. Read this before you deliver to see what the evaluator will be looking at.

Desirable Outcome

Added personal growth through further pursuit of the TI program