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Resources for Northrise Members

On the pages linked below you will find various items that are specifically written for Northrise members or have content not always designed for a wider readership.

Some files are in Adobe PDF format which can be viewed in your browser or downloaded for offline use/printing.

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Now that you have joined - what you can expect.
Toastmasters' Education Program
50 Ideas for Table Topics
Timer Backgrounds for Zoom
Guide to Impromptu Debating
How to use the Speech Videos
Correct forms of address in meetings (PDF)
Notes on Fun Impromptu Debating (PDF)
Thoughts on Impromptu Speaking
Impromptu Speeches (non-manua)l Guide
Notes on Mentoring & Detailed Review (both PDF)
Mentors Checklist
Successful Club Series (Zip)
Better Speaker Series (Zip) Body Language Module ( PPTX)
Evaluate to Motivate (PPT)
Evaluation Mindmap Worksheet (PDF)
Notes from Workshop on Evaluation 1 (PDFt)
Notes from Workshop on Evaluation 2 (PDF)
Notes (slides) from Workshop on Humorous Speech Contest (PPTX)
Notes from Workshop on Humorous Speech Workshop (PDF)
Notes from Workshop on Table Topics (PDFt)
Notes from Workshop on Listening Skills
Notes from Workshop on Impromptu Speaking - Theatresports (PDF)
Introduce a speaker, outside of Toastmaster meetings, "in the real world" Notes
Moments of Truth 2016 Notes (PDFt)
Don't forget to tell us if your contact detail changes. You also need to advise WHQ of any address change to ensure your copy of 'Toastmaster' magazine is correctly dispatched . Update your profile at

Contest Winners

  2003 2004 2005
Table Topics Rowena Foster Graeme Hogan Graeme Hogan
Evaluation Jeremy Burfoot David Pooch * Michael Bridger
Humorous Jeremy Burfoot Jeremy Burfoot Paul Dixon *
International   Rowena Foster *  

  2006 2007 2008
Table Topics John O'Ferrall John O'Ferrall John O'Ferrall / Graeme Hogan *
Evaluation Felicity Hopkins Felicity Hopkins David Pooch
Humorous Nick Colebatch * Graeme Hogan * Luke Howard*

  2013-2014 2014-2015 2015-2016
Table Topics Justin Thompson Karen Prince David Pooch
Karen Prince *
Evaluation   Karen Prince  
Humorous   Kevin Tregunno Dale Euinton *
International Justin Thompson Justin Thompson ** Justin Thompson ***
* subsequently won Area contest   ** subsequently won Area and Division contests
*** subsequently won Area, Division and District (NZ national champion) contests

  2016-2017 2017-2018 2018-2019
Table Topics Hammond Lindsay    
Humorous Karen Prince   Haiming Jiang
International   Justin Thompson **  
* subsequently won Area contest   ** subsequently won Area and Division contests
Table Topics      
Humorous Haiming Jiang **    
* subsequently won Area contest   ** subsequently won Area and Division contests

Annual Timetable for Contest Completion
   Club Area Division  District
Evaluation & International Feb Mar Apl May
Table Topics & Humorous Aug Sep Oct Nov

Year Planner

2018 - 2019 Detailed Planner - view here (PDF format)


Northrise has a resource that not many (any?) other NZ clubs have - each manual speech, is video recorded. Speeches are uploaded to a private page on YouTube so that members can see their own performance just as the audience viewed it.


Membership Application Form Membership Application (PDF)
Agenda Template

Meeting Agenda Template

Contest Meeting Agenda Template
Meeting Agenda Template - Xmas Humorous Debate
- Xmas Humorous Debate Hybrid Dec20
- Xmas Humorous Debate Hybrid
Download MSWord version

NOTE Agenda times will need to be checked and altered where required to suit each individual meeting's requirements. Allow 12 minutes for each seven minute speech and evaluation. The light times for the Timekeeper should correspond with the times on the left. Allow a minute for each presenter to be announced, walk to the lectern and return to their seat.

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