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The Camera is your Friend!

While it can be all very entertaining to see yourself on your computer's silver screen and your mum in far away sunny Fliesarbad will look at you on YouTube and think you did a lovely job, the videos of your presentations have a very practical use.

Toastmaster training has a major strength in it's use of feedback, the evaluation process,. Peer to peer feedback is extremel;y useful. However, there is an added dimension - we each of us are our own most interested commentator. And when we see ourselves as others see us, we can get a whole new perspective as to how well we have done.

The videos of your presentations give you the opportunity to form an objective view - the camera doesn't lie, won't insincerely tell you what you want to hear, it's your friend.

What you see on screen is what we got.

Take a look at your latest delivery and consider these points:-

Now, what more value is there?

The Camera Never Lies! Great information from Toastmaster Magazine August 2019

If you are a Mentor

Consider discussing a speech with your mentee after having just seen it again. You will be able to take notes and revisit any portions of interest.

If you were the Table Topics Master you can review your performance

Now, go and review your efforts and make use of your new friend!

Your videos are here